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I saw eve6 in 2003, and waited for them on tour and they never were again.. did something happen to them? Or did they break up? Do you know if they'll be coming out with a new album?
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They broke up almost a year ago. They lost their record deal bc their last album didnt sell so good. Max is doin solo stuff now. look at older posts for links to the stories.
i saw them at a small place on long island by me last december. i know that they got a new member and are working on a new album. i'm sure they're just taking a break for a while. don't worry...they'll be back
*sigh of relief*
they won't be back soon, they don't have a new member. They may be back but who knows when
Hey, where did you hear that? Sorry, not to doubt you. but as far as I know, Eve 6 has broken up for good... Max and Jon are currently in different bands and Tony is producing... I really hope you are right though....
Exactly. See my links and comment below for the newest info
Max is working on a new album with a whole new band (Brotherhood of Lost Dogs). Jon is in another band (I forget the name) and Tony is producing now.
Jon is the new gutarist for Campfire Girls
Campfire girls has broken up, Jon and members of the campfire girls formed a NEW band called Mosters Are Waiting.
there is a female singer who is a sister of one of the bandmates
Eve 6 was dropped from RCA over a year ago and they are all working on seperate projects.. the split was mutual and after 3 albums they decided to try new things. Though we will really all miss Eve6, here is what they're up to now

"Max Collins has succeeded in creating a group called The Brotherhood Of Lost Dogs [aka BOLD], they have already recorded 5 songs and are shopping for a label. When they find one they will be entering the studio to create a CD. Lyrically he is said to be around the time period of Horroscope, which is my personal favourite. [ http://www.brotherhoodoflostdogs.com/ OR http://www.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=8873988&Mytoken=20050328220100 if you want to hear his new songs]

Jon Siebels is currently working with the now broken up Campfire Girls [with whom Eve6 toured in 2003]. They have formed a new band called Monsters Are Waiting. They can also be found on myspace, with available music previews. [http://www.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=7570106&Mytoken=20050329220903] a very different style, but it is really good. Female singer, interestingly amazing. Give it a listen.

Tony Fagenson is looking to produce and is looking for good talent to do producing with." ~Me, from my LJ community Eve_6ers

i have gotten all this info from the official website's message board and www.eve6mediahq.com