super martian robot girl (shes_staggering) wrote in eve_6,
super martian robot girl

max update...

i went on myspace just now and found this little thing sitting in my bulletins...

Just to let everyone know, Brotherhood of Lost Dogs has now been defunct for over a month and a half. Max is now working on a new project with Tony Fagenson. It won't be like Brotherhood of Lost Dogs and it won't be like Eve 6. Max is writing the songs and some of the songs are the same ones he wrote for Brotherhood. They will just have a different sound and maybe some lyric changes. Don't expect to be hearing any tunes from them for some time. This is only the beginning.

Go to the message board on for updates, but this will be the only new info for a few months.

This profile may go away soon and if so, please keep up with the BOLD website for a NEW MySpace page, and a NEW website possibly in the future.

just thought i'd pass it on those who may not have seen it/known what's going on.
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