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This may have been posted earlier, i am not sure...but has anyone else noticed that the picture in the booklet for horrorscope depicts all of the songs...i havent found all of them, heres what i got...

1. Rescue--possibly the tattoo parlor on the far right "stole cupid's arrow and came to rescue me"
2. Promise--not sure
3. On the roof again--the guy standing on the building in upper left
4. Sunset strip bitch--the guy on left reading the cosmopolitan under the boulevard sign
5. Heres to the night--not sure
6. Amphetimines--i think it would be the woman in the telephone booth "call me once in a while"
7. enemy--the robots
8. Nocturnal--not sure
9. Jet pack--come on, the robot dudes are wearing them
10. Nightmare--not sure
11. Girl eyes-- the billboard with the eyes next to the guy on the roof

Why doesnt anyone post here anymore?
Please reply...i would like to hear what everyone thinks/finds
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